AWS EC2安装Kubernetes (K8S)集群

环境说明: node1 Amazon Linux 2 kernel 5.1010.0.0.180 master Amazon Linux 2 kernel 5.1010.0.0.106 node2 Amazon Linux 2 kernel 5.10设置hostnamehostnamectl set-hostname master #只在master上执行hostnamectl set-hostname node1 #只在node1上执行hos »

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我们在使用控制器的时候,有时候会想知道Packet In的速率。借鉴于Ryu拓扑发现模块的设计思路,我们可以把测量Packet In速率也作为一个模块。测量Packet In速率算是测量控制器性能的一种方式,扩展一下,我们可以在这个模块里添加其他用于测量控制器性能的功能。这里我们参考全球SDN测试认证中心发布的白皮书[1],可以添加一些里面的功能。模块设计思路在ryu/ryu目录下创建packet_目录,里面包含如下核心文件:dump.py作为应用文件,将packet_in.py里的Packe »

How to use DPDK to implement DNS Spoofing

Similar to How to use DPDK to implement ICMP Spoofing, we can build DNS packets to achieve DNS Spoofing. In this scenario, DPDK need get the domain name from DNS query and send the response.Ethernet, IP and UDP header build remains the same because »

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How to use DPDK to implement ICMP Spoofing

When I was studying RYU controller, I created an article about how to implement ICMP Spoofing with RYU controller code. RYU controller could handle ICMP Echo Request and send the Echo Reply to the client. This is implemented by OpenFlow PacketIn and »

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Ubuntu 16.04 & Amazon Linux 2 install DPDK

Ubuntu 16.04Ubuntu is VMware workstation virtual machine. 4G memory, 2 Cores.Please add one or more network adapter for the virtual.Open the virtual machine file(xxx.vmx), then replace this line for each interface(DPDK interface):ethernet1.virtualDe »

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